Stewardship:  It’s Not About Money!!

Stewardship is not just about giving money to the church.  The Stewardship Team is focusing our efforts on the need to be Present in our dealings with family, friends, church, and God.  This is one of the pledges we make when we join the Methodist Church.

In this past year, we have depended on technology more than ever before.  Has it begun to replace personal contact?  Has it replaced our presence in people’s lives? Have we gotten too attached to our devices?  


The idea is for us to make a conscious effort to be present in our relationships.


How to get involved

Sunday School Options

Dig digger into the word and join one of our Sunday School classes!

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Groups and Ministries

Get involved with one of our church groups or ministries.

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Serve alongside our church as a way to give back to God and our community.

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